This is a "universal" network encoder for Sage. With this it should be possible to connect many different sources to Sage.

Start with downloading SGraphRecorder and unzip it to a directory on your computer. Run the RegDumpFilter.bat file to register the dump filter with Windows.

Then download Graph Edit from for example digital digest. GraphEdit is a Microsoft program that is used to create DirectShow graphs. Make a graph that gets data from your source, for example an USB camera, and saves the result as a mpeg file that Sage can render. If possible use the SBDARecorderDump to make channel changes go smother or at least make sure that the file writer (or dump filter) supports the IFileSink interface (most file writers do). Save the graph to a file.

Open the ini-file and change the graph filename to the one you saved earlier, include the whole path if it is located in another directory than SGraphRecoder. Start SGraphRecorder.exe and open the debug window by right click on the icon in the task bar and select debug. The debug window should be empty at this stage. If you have any errors here try to fix them either in the ini-file or with GraphEdit.

Now shut down Sage completely, it is not enough to have it sleep. Open the file and locate the lines that start with mmc/encoders/"some number". Those lines are corresponding to the tuner cards in your setup. Copy all the lines for one tuner (if you have more than one only copy lines with the same number). Paste them temporarily to another text file. Here change the number after "encoders/" on all lines to a new number not used in the original properties file, for example 12345. Locate the line mmc/encoders/12345/encoding_host= and add or the IP address of the computer with SGraphRecorder.exe and the port number in the ini-file. Also locate the line mmc/encoders/12345/video_capture_device_name= and change the name to something more descriptive. Copy all of the lines back to the file after the last line with mmc/encoders/ that already exists there. For more info look at setup network encoding at Frey Technologies.

Start SGraphRecorder and then start Sage and setup the new tuner in settings. Now it should be possible to watch the result from your new source.

If your source can have multiple channels, for example if it gets its data from a set top box, it is possible to have SGraphRecorder to send events to the Internet event server of Girder. Look in the ini-file and at Girder support forum for more information. It is also possible for SGraphrecorder to start an external program to do channel changes.

Possible uses:

Connect a firewire set top box to your Sage setup and enjoy HDTV recordings!

Connect a USB camera and have a channel for what’s happening at your front porch.
Look for more info here:



SGraphRecorder is free to use but I would very much appreciate a small donation if you find it useful.